How do we Really Define Pop Art?

One of the most famous art genres that most artists of today are banking on is called Pop Art. This particular movement of art is actually a counter to consumerism and is a direct commentary on the rising popular culture in the West. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns are only few famous people popular for their works in this art movement.


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Even if Pop Art is considered to originate in Britain during the mid 50s, some artists would consider the late 50s as the rise of this modern art movement with sculptures, paintings as well as music being produced at this time.

The Pop Art movement suits images that can be found in the popular culture as well as neo-cultural objects and remakes these things as art. This particular movement is considered to be the counterpart of the famous art movement during these times which is abstract expressionism. Most of these objects being suited as art are expected to have fresh meanings as well as a comment that is external to their original form.

The considered perpetrators of the Pop Art movement are called The Independent Group, founded in Britain during the early 50s. This particular group is composed of young painters, writers as well as critics who were questionable of the norms in the then movement, abstract expressionism. Their arguments revolve around the implications of pop culture on avenues such as movie, product design, comic books, sci-fi as well as science and technology.

If you are interested to know about different techniques as well as the artists behind them, here is a list of the famous pop artists in their generation:

  1. Jasper Johns’ Icons

            Pop art is popular of creating imagery based on mundane things, or those objects that can be seen in everyday life. Pop Art capitalizes on creating new angles of the imagery which then turn these mundane objects into icons. For instance, Jasper Johns’ ‘Flag’ is one of the most famous art form under the movement. This particular painting is an image of the American flag, which he had a dream about. Johns explored on using the canvass to represent an image which is already inherent in the minds of those who would see the artwork.

  1. Robert Rauschenberg and Ephemerality

            One of the earliest artists who is famous for integrating real and tangible items and art is Dada. Collage, as this particular medium is called, is one medium that has been explored by pop artists in their pieces, that is, combining everyday things into their works. Rauschenberg is another artist famous for mixing a number of ephemeral objects like magazines, images from TV and films and the likes in order to create an artwork. Using this medium, Rauschenberg was able to explore so much and created almost any art form that he wished.

  1. Roy Lichtenstein and Parody

            One of the most distinctive techniques in the Pop Art movement is seen through the use of humor in order to comment and critique a particular popular culture. Roy Lichtenstein is one of the most famous artists known to use comic strips as his medium. Through altering the contexts as well as the words of a popular comics, Lichtenstein has made famous works and further the wants of producing massively these kinds of artworks which is one of the most defining characteristics of Pop Art.

Because Pop art is known to combine everyday object and alter its meanings into something that is different from its original state, one can use mundane things that could be found at home such as fences especially Calgary best fences, furniture, magazines or even old books.

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