There’s nothing like staying at the comforts of our home and getting what we want delivered to our doorstep in an instant. Gone are the days when delivering items could take at least a month to arrive and not on its best state too. Now we have express lanes and counters. The world is so fast-paced that it’s hard catching up. It’s no surprise now that with the advancement of technology that we get to order what we want at just the click of our mouse and a tap on the screen. There is a myriad of shops online and it’s hard to pick which one to trust.


These tips below will aid you in buying online safely and securely:

Don’t be gullible

Most of the time when a big offer pops up, it gets our attention immediately. Always check if it’s a legit one because there are a lot of scams and bogus sellers everywhere. Remember the old adage: “If it’s to goof to be true, it probably is not”. This is especially rampant during the holidays seasons where people are going crazy buying and spending for gifts and these scammers uses the opportunity to lure you into getting that unbelievable deal.

Make sure the site is reliable

Look for the very popular ones because they are the most trusted online. Not only do you get the best price but you get the best quality from them. Make sure also that it’s not a rip off of the right site. Sometimes, fraudsters would make similar-looking websites to lure customers in.

Use your own WiFi

When you use your own WiFi, you can be ensured that your account will not be at risk of hacking. Sometimes the use of public WiFi can be an avenue for scammers to get your information online without you knowing about it. It’s unsecure and they can be attacked very easily. Also, you can make sure that the connection you have will not fail in time of any purchases is made.

Use a reliable financial service

Most financial service giver or banks recommend that you use your credit card and not your debit card. Unlike your credit card, your debit card is more prone to greatly affect you because it’s linked to your other credit accounts or funds and also it cannot limit your monetary spending.

Always check the progress financial transactions

Just because you are done with the first step in buying online, don’t take anything for granted and check the progress of the transaction. Did my payment go through to the seller? Is my address on the site correct? Did you pay the exact amount of money? Make sure that what’s on your cart is the correct item. Contact the seller if the item is in the way. Always check if the deal that is agreed is being followed.

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